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Experts in: Economic and social ethics

Dietsch, Peter


Professeur associé, Chercheur

My main research interests converge on questions of distribution in economic and social ethics and are organized around 2 themes. The 1st lies at the heart of the literature on theories of justice. Here I am working on the question of how the co-operative surplus is distributed among different contributors to the production process. I am also seeking answers to questions in the contemporary debate on liberal egalitarianism, such as the moral justification of the influence of talents or certain systemic factors on the well-being of members of society.

The 2nd research theme has to do with questions of a more applied nature. Although distributive justice is linked in many ways with economic issues and their institutionalization, this link is often neglected in contemporary political philosophy. A good example is the tax system. Although theories of distributive justice regularly call on the tax system as a tool for redistribution, they rarely analyze the operation of this system and the implications of its operation on distributive justice itself. In this context, I am currently working on a normative evaluation of the phenomenon of tax competition, i.e. competition among jurisdictions to attract outside capital.


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