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Experts in: Dialectic

Dorion, Louis-André

DORION, Louis-André

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My current research falls into 3 main domains:

  1. Socrates and the Socratic writings of Xenophon. Following the publication of the 3-volume Mémorables in the Collection des Universités de France (2000-2011), I have been continuing my research into the Socratic writings of Xenophon and also working on several studies dealing with other works by Xenophon, in particular Hiero.
  2. Dialectic and refutation. Building on my annotated translation of Aristotle's Sophistical refutations (1995), I have been continuing my research into dialectic and the practice of refutation (elenchos) by Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle and later authors, in particular Proclus and Clement of Alexandria. Soon I intend to combine in one volume all the articles I have written on Dialectic and refutation since 1990. I am also preparing a new edition of the Greek text of Aristotle's Sophistical refutations for the Collection des Universités de France.
  3. The ideal of self-sufficiency (autarkeia) in Greek philosophy. Although the concept of self-sufficiency (autarkeia) holds a central place in the ethical, political, theological and metaphysical reflection of Greek philosophers, to date it has not received all the attention it deserves. I will soon be completing a book dealing with the ideal of autarky as seen by Socrates and the Cynics. The purpose of the book is to re-examine the relationship between Socrates and the Cynics, taking as a central theme the conception of autarky by Plato's Socrates, Xenophon's Socrates, and the Cynics.

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