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Experts in: Philosophy of mind

Doyon, Maxime

DOYON, Maxime

Professeur agrégé

My research interests lie at the junction of phenomenology and the philosophy of mind. I am particularly interested in the philosophy of perception, the theories of consciousness and of the self, and the many attempts to renew transcendentalism in post-Kantian philosophy.

My current research has to do with the issue of normativity in perception. I am trying to define the nature of perceptual norms by analyzing their epistemological functions, their abilities to guide action, and the role of the body and of the other in our awareness of these norms.


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Professeur honoraire

My research mainly concerns the question of knowing what types of relations there are between our concepts of attitudes and intentional actions (in particular those of belief, intention and desire) and basic normative concepts like those of reason and rationality.

It is widely acknowledged that attitudes and intentional actions are governed by norms, but that is as far as the consensus goes. Are the norms of belief similar to those of action and intention? Are they at least commensurable? Do they have one or more common sources? Can they be explained using the same basic concepts? Is the existence of such standards compatible with some form or other of philosophical naturalism? These are some of the general questions that guide my research


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